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Missile Mayhem

v1.0.2 (7/9/2020)
Description of Missile Mayhem

Fly your way to the top of the leaderboards in this endless missile packed adventure! With a gunship chasing you, the only way out is through a forest with ever increasing enemy defenses! Figure out, test and master different new strategies to see what gets you the furthest!

- Glide through a forest collecting coins to upgrade your plane and missiles in the next workshop you come across and reach new record breaking distances!
- Remember to fuel up every time possible because the next canister might be out of reach.
- Launch, control and detonate missiles to help you survive past the enemy turrets.
- Dodge enemy missiles and avoid getting trapped in massive enemy shields with the gunship closing in right behind you!

- Unlock new planes and achievements!
- Grow your plane collection with the coins collected during your time in air!
- Buy planes that have the stats to suit your playstyle and current strategy.

- Tilt or joystick, which control do you prefer?
- Responsive tilt control gives you a smooth flying experience.

Ideas and feedback are greatly appreciated!
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