The Best Android Games to Lookout for in August 2020

Updated Aug. 18, 2020

In this post we will list the best Android games our team has found for you to look out for in August 2020. Google Play store adds on average 150,000 apps and games each month. With this amount of new releases it is very easy to miss a cool game or app. This selection of Android games will keep you entertained all year round. We included the screenshots, descriptions and the APK download links.

Let’s dive right in!

Ghost Run

Price: Free to play
APK Size: 24.7 MB

Ghost Run is an action arcade game.

The goal of the game is to help a ghost to leave the castle from which it has just escaped. Avoid the walls, collect gems and bonuses and run far away. Improves performance of the ghost buying items in the shop.

Have fun and good fly!

Fruit Splash Match Swipe

Price: Free to play
APK Size: 68.9 MB

Start your travel with amazing game!

Join to thousands that playing in Fruit splash and try to pass all levels by using your finger and swipe between objects!

Now you have the chance to play and get all the bombs and effects in the game .

Play free in fruit splash today! Its fun to play.

Mind Puzzle Game

Price: Free to play
APK Size: 34 MB

Mind puzzle gaming app is developed to test your Cognitive Intelligence and creative thinking skills. It is indeed very good entertaining app while on travel, or when alone or want to spend time with your smartphone, use our “Mind Puzzle game”, which is like connecting block puzzles.

This is Free game with multiple levels. Enjoy every bit of it.

Country Quiz Challenge

Price: Free to play
APK Size: 20.16 MB

Bet You Can't Guess The Country By Emoji - Country Quiz.

Here are some emoji puzzles that will test your brain! You have to guess a Country name based on the emojis shown. You can use hints with your points/coins.

Dragons Rings

Price: Free to play
APK Size: 29.77 MB

The little dragon must pass the rings! Collect the eggs and try to avoid danger.

Can you do it? also you can improve your dragon by buying stuff at the store using the eggs you collected!.

Guess the Football Player - Past and Present

Price: Free to play
APK Size: 27.09 MB


Enjoy with more than 150 levels currently.

RYWO - free 3D roll ball game

Price: Free to play
APK Size: 32.43 MB

RYWO is a free 3D roll ball puzzle game. Control the ball (🎱) and find the way through challenging levels full of various traps and hidden bonuses. Collect coins, upgrade skills and finish all levels without falling to your death. Try to keep balance and roll the ball from start to finish, avoid obstacles and jump over everything that comes into your way. This will not be easy, but practice and patience are the keys.

Ready to roll? Download now and try this rolling challenge!

Wood Shop Builder

Price: Free to play
APK Size: 50.5 MB

Be your own carpenter building projects from start to finish! Test your luck by spinning the saw blade to earn coins and items, then use your skills in a series of mini games that bring your project to life. Earn extra help from friends by becoming part of a contracting team, or create a team of your own. Complete your project quick before it gets attacked by other players and make sure to fight back! This fun and exciting game will always be a personal favorite!

Escape Abduction - Escape Puzzle Adventure

Price: Free to play
APK Size: 30.7 MB

You woke up and find yourself in the middle of nowhere with little to no memory of what happened. Looking around the room, you sense something eerie is about to happen. You just know you need to get out of there, and FAST.

Get entangled in mystery and uncover this town's deep, dark secret. Your only tools are your wit, a little luck, and your will to escape.

This is a split APK file, use Split APKs Installer (SAI) to install it.