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Country Quiz Challenge

v7.5.3z (2020-05-22)
Description of Country Quiz Challenge

Bet You Can't Guess The Country By Emoji - Country Quiz.

Here are some emoji puzzles that will test your brain!
You have to guess a Country name based on the emojis shown.
You can use hints with your points/coins.

So take this emoji puzzle Country Quiz and find out your score, and don't forget to share it with yours friends to join you, because that's the fun part.

Country Quiz Features:

- Hints are awarded to help you figure out the answer!
- The more emoji puzzles you unlock, the harder the puzzles will be to solve.
- Ask your friends for help when stuck!
- High quality graphics.
- Timely updates: new packs are added frequently.

Tell us in comments section if you managed to get all of them and beat the challenge and also share so that you can see how well your friends did compared to you!

Have fun with Country Quiz Challenge.
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