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Evil Kid The Horror Game

v1. (30/8/2020)
Bonobo Games
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Description of Evil Kid The Horror Game

Evil Kid is a horror game where you're locked and hold hostage in the house of the kid. It's your job to escape the horror house before it's to late! Evil Kid is some sort of grandson of the horror granny / nun and will kill you if you don't escape!

Hide in different closets, under beds or even in secret places. Even the granny / nun of Evil Kid is scared of him, so make sure that the Evil Kid won't find you!

You are able to escape this horror house by solving different puzzles.
All the items you need are spread in this horror house.
Find keys to open closed door or even locked chests!

Are you able to escape this horror house? 😈

⏳ Evil Kid is still under development, if you want to follow future updates or have tips/suggestions for the game then join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/v9PWd8Y ⏳
Previous versions

v1. 30/8/2020 Download APK (45.31 MB)

v1.1.9.4 26/5/2020 Download APK (45.30 MB)