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Shinobi Crystal Arena Online

v11 (2020-07-22)
Description of Shinobi Crystal Arena Online

Become the strongest ninja in this incredible online ninja game!
Are you able to be the best ninja ever?

- Excellent resolution 2D graphics
- Totally multiplayer game (play with friends individually or in teams)
- 2 Game Modes
- New characters every week!
- 3 maps for you to play

Multiplayer game of real fighting between players, you can:
- Play on several maps
- Releasing characters and transformations
- Releasing new shapes
- Release skills
- Free maps and more!

Easy controls!
- Jump
- Physical combat
- Load energy
- Special 1, 2 and 3
- Abiliity
- Transform and de-transform

Be a ninja master and prove to be the best!

Every week something new for you! Enjoy!
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