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v1.7.3 (2020-07-02)
Description of Schwimmen

Play the popular card game "Schwimmen" / Thirty-One whenever and wherever you want.

Play offline against up to 4 computer-controlled opponents or play with up to three others players online.
-Play in public or private rooms
-Customize the rules to your liking
-Not enugh time to end the game? No problem. Close the app and resum the game later.

The rules are simply explained:

Each player gets three cards. The goal is it to have as many points in his hand as possible. For cards with the same color, the points add up. Aces give 11 points. Face cards 10. Otherwise, the number of the cards count. Alternatively, you can collect cards of the same rank. However, there are only points(30.5) if all three cards are of the same rank. You can either exchange (by tapping the cards) one card or all cards. Alternatively, you can push too. The first player can in the first round only push or exchange all cards with the middle. The game is over when one player has 31 Points or the player is turn back who has knocked. When a player loses and has no more life, he is eliminated. The last one left wins the game.
More detailed rules are easily to find on the internet.

Keywords: 31, schnautz, knack, schwimmen, Thirty one
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