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HalliGalli - Just Find Five Fruit!

v8.5 (9/8/2020)
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Description of HalliGalli - Just Find Five Fruit!

【Let's play Halli Galli online for free!】

* Features of the game
1. Anyone of all ages and genders can easily enjoy the game.
Simple rules!
2. A total of 62 different types of skins
3. A total of 49 different and interesting gloves
4. Online gaming and ranking support.

* How to play the game
When the game starts, four cards go clockwise.
Automatically flip over.

Touch the screen when five fruits of the same shape are spread out.

If you ring the bell faster than your opponent,
The other party loses one life force.

If you get rid of all the other person's heart for 30 seconds,
I win.

But even though there were less than five fruits,
If you accidentally press the bell, one of your own hearts is missing.

Developer contact:
+82-070-8899-2776 or j830930@gmail.com
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