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v5.2.2 (2020-08-07)
Description of Egg

This is a click screen surprise entertainment game.
Each one of casual app is full of entertaining, there are unique surprise pictures Oh!

Get ready to enjoy the eggs very fun game! Multiple eggs, multiple surprises, and more mysterious things! What rich rewards are hidden inside the egg? Keep tapping the egg until the egg cracks and see how many surprises and fun are contained in the egg. This game is very addictive!

Eggs is the best application for everyone. One of the games that modern adults and boys and girls must play is the ultimate surprise egg virtual simulation game. If you like to open the surprise egg, then you must not miss this amazingly explosive game. For everyone, it is a perfect application. Play it again and again. Play, read and play, regardless of time limit, everyone will play the perfect surprise game.

In this application you will find a large number of various surprise pictures. You will find many different surprise gift pictures to collect.

Eggs is a fun and most played casual game that combines a variety of pictures with surprises and fun.

Game introduction:
* Keep clicking on the egg until the egg opens
* Collect all kinds of surprise pictures
* Gain happiness and fulfillment

This game is one of the surprise games. All kinds of particularly interesting eggs will make you an eye-opener and constantly collect all the surprise pictures.

Let ’s learn that we must work hard to achieve results, and get a sense of accomplishment in the surprise picture, and the process of clicking hard, is a very rare experience. The same reason, you must click hard to click hard to break through the level. It is the best for everyone. One of the surprise games.
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