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Mod Ninja Shippuden Craft: Anime Family Heroes

v1.0 (2021-07-02)
Description of Mod Ninja Shippuden Craft: Anime Family Heroes

This free craft pe mods app provides new popular mods, maps, add-ons and skins for craft. With our mods pack for mcpe game you can build and play in more interesting block pe worlds. Here is a list of mods and maps that are contained in this free pe app:
1. Ninja Shippuden Craft PE Mod;
2. Akatsuki PE Skin Pack;
3. Anime Ninja Masters PE Mod.

The Main Mod - Ninja Shippuden Craft PE Mod:

This is the new Family Ninja Anime Mod that brings a lot of heroes from famous anime manga show. There's a lot of shinobi bandage, byakugan, sharingan, clans, food, morph. There are three varieties of sharingan. To craft some things you need bedrock for example endless throwing weapons and clan badges.

The Second Mod - Akatsuki PE Skin Pack:

This anime ninjas skins pack was maded on base of the organization named akatsuki from the Anime about ninjas. All added skins from this pack are suitable for your pixel block worlds. You can use new skins like you want.

The Third Mod - Anime Ninja Masters PE Mod:

This Anime Mod for PE is inspired by a Japanese manga series about young ninja boy and his friends. In all simplicity, it tells the story of a young ninja and his dreams of becoming the best and most knowledgeable ninja. Here is an addon for anyone who is a fan of anime or just ninjas in general. It replaces a multitude of mobs, weapons and armors.

Specifically in this free craft app you can find new mods, maps, skins and wallpapers from the mcpe universe. There are 16 different skins for playing with in pe game, with them you will be unique and beautiful. You can change new skins everyday or choose your favourite one and play pe craft with it. There are also 16 different HD wallpapers that you can use on your devices.

Ninja Shippuden Craft Mod App Features:
Description and Screenshoots for every add-on
1-Click Autoinstaller
Multilanguage Support
Animated User Interface
Free to play mods, skins and maps

If you like this pe mods pack app or you want something new, you can leave a comment. On our developer page you can find more interesting Add-ons for pe. Good luck in your new upgraded craft block worlds.

NOTE: You also need to have Minecraft PE for playing with this mods and skins

DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with
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