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Immortal Squad 3D Free Game: New Offline Gun Games

v20.4.1.4 (2020-07-16)
Description of Immortal Squad 3D Free Game: New Offline Gun Games

Immortal Squad 3D Free Game: New Offline Gun Games
3D assassin gun shooting game free: Discover something new in offline games 2020.

Commando adventure shooting action game is a thrilling sniper 3d game with a lot of fun and adventure. Play with friends the most demanded commando shooting game being a spy secret commando and be ready for the real breathtaking venture. This FPS online-offline shooting action commando mission game is recommended for you to play as it is one of most top-rated games 2020. You have to complete multiple challenging missions for being a real gun shooter secret commando. Kill assassin & enjoy non-stop action games 3D Free shooting fighting games 2020.

This is a single-player as well as multiplayer online shooting game which means you can play this 3d adventure war game with players from all around the world. Pick your assault gun to show that you are capable of shooting in multiplayer action games 2020 3d.
You would also face the dangerous zombies in the zombie shooting free game part. You are a brave soldier who is selected for this challenging mission game 3d to save the world from zombies. You have to show your epic sniper shooting experience for your glory. 3d Commando adventure shooting game allows you to boost your sniper shooting skills by giving you access to the latest and modern assault guns.

Multiplayer mode
Kill more, score more xp! In the multiplayer mode of this free war game, there would be great players of free battleground shooting games 3d from all around the world. In multiplayer mode, you would have a team of different players of action offline games. You would face a rival team full of experienced players in offline free commando shooting games 3d. The thing you have to do is just to kill them and reach the goal. Play one of the army strategy games for better fun with different multiplayer modes. You will see some amazing multiplayer commando shooting modes soon.
Multiplayer game play scenarios
•Bomb defuse
•All guns
•Knife and sticks
•Soldier showdown

Adventure Shooting Mode
Step by step progress makes experience unbeatable! In campaign mode, you will taste the true offline fun of shooting. You have to complete challenging and difficult missions to enhance your experience of gun shooting offline in free gun games 2020. The challenging missions will boost your fun, experience and shooting skills. Gun squad 3D: Free online FPS shooting game is one of the most addictive games to play with friends.

Zombie mode
Welcome to hell! The world of zombie shooting free games 2020. Zombies are dangerous creatures in the universe, spreading viral diseases and awe on planet earth. They have turned a clean environment into an ugly zombie zone. You are the brave soldier who is selected by an elite police force to counter the deadly force in zombie games 2020. Show your bravery and kill zombies. Pick up the 3d assassin gun and fight with dangerous zombies to save the world.

Inventory and Environment
This online-offline 3d shooting action game contains many shooting guns, characters and assault weapons. You will show your thrill experience of 3d shooting with many pistols, assault guns and sniper guns. You will experience a better taste of gun shooting in realistic 3d environments such as Rome, base camp, and New York City.

Action game features
•Smooth gun shooting control
•Addictive FPS gameplay
•Challenging offline missions
•Multiple battlegrounds for online combat

Gun squad 3D: Free online FPS shooting games 2020 Disclaimer
No WIFI- no tension, play commando adventure shooting games 3d offline free without WIFI. We don’t collect any personal info in this free shooting action game. Read the privacy policy for information collected by our partners, to enhance the gaming experience. This war game contains ads to meet team expenses, in very limited numbers, get an ad-free version of this war game by spending a few pennies. Still waiting? Download one of the most popular games 2020 for free.
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