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Black Dodger

v1.1.3 (2020-08-12)
Description of Black Dodger

Black Dodger is here and you must help him dodge his enemies!

A dynamic arcade game, with upgrades and scaling difficulty. Test and improve your reflexes. Move, jump, slide and combine those skills to your advantage.

This game is HARD. Are your reflexes sharp enough? Are you ready to lose until you have mastered the art of dodging?

There are 4 difficulty modes to choose from. This is one of the hardest mobile games. You don't believe me? Then download the game and choose the " UNBEATABLE " difficulty, finish the game and get the status of a god gamer.

You can test your skill and reflexes by downloading Black Dodger for FREE.


-Three types of movement: Jump, slide and down force.

-Four unique planets, each with nine levels, new enemies and countless ways to dodge them.

-Six upgradable stats: Speed, jump, slide, luck, efficiency and life.

-Disable enemies that can't harm you but will change your movement.

-Three types of treasures which magically give a different power up. More jumping power, more speed or invicibility for a certain amount of time.

-Four different difficulty modes to play on.

Music by ThirtyOne


If you find any bugs or have any suggestions for new planets, enemies or whatever you'd like to encounter then feel free to inform me via e - mail or write it in the comments.
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