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Galaxy Patrol Space Shooter

v1.0 (30/7/2020)
Description of Galaxy Patrol Space Shooter

For all fans of space shoot 'em up, introducing the game "Galaxy Patrol". "Galaxy Patrol" is arcade space shooter.
As a space fighter pilot, you patrol dangerous parts of the galaxy and far planets. On your way there are dangerous enemies, but you will definitely cope with them. At the end of each level you will find a dangerous boss. To go to the next level you need to destroy the boss. Show the evil bosses their place, become a hero of the galaxy.

- A vertical-scrolling realistic graphics and lighting effects.
- Every level includes Power-ups and Bosses!
- Global Leaderboard.

How to play:
- Touch the screen to control your spaceship. Your spaceship shoots automatically.
- Destroy all enemies on your way and collect coins and power-ups for your spaceship.
- Upgrade your spaceship to shoot with more power.
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