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Pocong The Real Indonesian Horror

v4.0 (2020-08-19)
Description of Pocong The Real Indonesian Horror

Pocong The Real Indonesian Horror is an horor game based on pocong traditional.
Pocong is a kind of ghost in the form of rolling. In Indonesia, this kind of ghost is also known as ghost wrap.
Pocong depictions vary. It is said, pocong has a green-colored face with empty eyes. Other depictions state that pocong has a "flat face" and has hollow eye holes or covered with cotton with a pale white face. Those who believe in the existence of these ghosts assume, pocong is a form of "protest" from the dead who forgot to open the bond before his grave was closed. Although in pocong myth often portrayed as jumping up and down, the myth about Pocong even states that Pocong is moving around. This is understandable, because in the myth the pocong cast cannot move his legs so that the walk must jump up and down. This situation also raises a statement commonly used to distinguish genuine pocong and fake pocong in the community.
jumpscare everywhere. And your guts is your only companion to play this game. Beware!!!
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