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Beast Story Pachinko Slot Game

v1.0.1 (9/1/2018)
Description of Beast Story Pachinko Slot Game

"Beast story" is a slot game with the theme of Choju-giga.
Choju-giga scrolls is a national treasure in Japan!
Choju-giga have been created in the mid-12th century.
This is a blend of traditional culture and pop culture.

This is a innovation of Choju-giga!

It is said that there are many gods in Japan.
"GOD" in this SLOT GAME is Amaterasu goddess.
You may FREEZE in her beauty.
The God of Amaterasu(天照大神/アマテラス ゴッド) is a famous god that has been talked about in ancient times in Japan.

[Major features]
- Beast Story with Choju-giga (Choju-jinbutsu-giga)
▶Luxury time to play with national treasure.

- Bonus game (pachinko slot bonus game)
▶Easy and speedy game.
▶Cute animals dancing(Wotagei) animation is fun!
▶Refreshing BGM by Japanese singers!

▶Something awful happens when a MONSTER FROG appears!!!

- Thrilling Reservation Lamp
▶8 colors Reservation Lamp
The color indicates the degree of reliability.

▶Let's collect funny animals cards!
▶There are 500 kinds in all.
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