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Jumping Frog 3D (Jump advance)

v2.2 (2020-08-03)
Description of Jumping Frog 3D (Jump advance)

Jumping Frog 3D (Jumping Frog !!!!).
Challenge the best jumps !!!
Different styles and games are different from other existing jumps.

In the pond there are hungry frogs and irises. Our frogs are good at jumping.
Explore the pond by jumping so that you can catch the dawn.

Experience the jumping of frogs in the pond.
If you jump more in a short time, your frog will get the best score.
And you have to jump quickly before the lotus leaves disappear. Otherwise you will fall into a pond and you will not be able to eat food.
The more jumps you make, the more obstacles appear. Separate the obstacles and see where the lotus leaves are located and jump in that direction.

Have a good time.

* How to play
1. Press the start button to start the game.
2. When you press the arrow button in the direction of the lantern, the frog jumps.
3. The lotus leaf sinks into the water when you step on the frog. Because of this, you need to move to the next lotus leaf.
4. As the number of jumping increases, the lotus leaf sinks faster into the water.

* Type
1. Get up to the first timing, then jump faster as you jump more.
2. The obstacles start to appear from the 30th jump. The more jumps, the more obstacles you get. Do not be confused with obstacles.
3. You can enter your score after 50 jumps.
4. Do not miss the bonus points opportunity.
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