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Scary Clown Horror Game Adventure

v2.2 (2020-07-24)
Description of Scary Clown Horror Game Adventure

Welcome to Scary Evil clown survival in which you have five days to escape from the mysterious house. You have looked in wide and mysterious house which is processed by an evil clown, explore the house and escaped from this clown sighting. The crazy and creepy clown chasing in each and every second but you remember he hears everything even breath sound, be careful and quite. This horror puzzle game is based on the same scary clown Pogo from movies and novels who kidnapped kids and locked them in his old house. In this horror game you are his victim, escape from the house by killing the clown.

The story scary clown survival Games revolves around how smartly you play because you have only five days to escape from the scary clown house, quietly search key in drawers and cupboards to open the apartments. In this clown survival games many clues are here to solve horror puzzle game, little time to find clues and escape from the traps set. Save yourself to discovered and caught up from the scary clown who is very criminal minded. The mysterious house is empty and clown is looking after this house. Scary Clown survival game is adventurous game with interesting game play where you play as evil clown you just save yourself from the clown and find out the key to open the house door. If you drop anything, nothing can save you from scary clown, he will crack!

When the game start You don't know who is with you in the house. It may be some old person - clown or it could be even some kind of dead monster, creature or terror ghost. You have to escape from the house and find a way to save yourself from the scary clown. You have Wide house with a lot of places to explore. Discover how to leave the house by solving puzzles and clues.

Scary Clown Features:
-Hear sound when they are about to crack.
-Angry evil crazy clown coming your way, run, run and run!
-Try to solve clue in limited time
-Enjoy the Life of clown with all Professional responsibilities.
-Thrilling and challenging Missions
-Beat evil clown, find out key and complete whole game
-Halloween nights create horror environment and sound
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