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Endless Nightmare House 3D : Horror Friday Escape

v1.1 (2020-07-24)
Description of Endless Nightmare House 3D : Horror Friday Escape

Welcome to Endless Nightmare 3D: Horror Scream! Here time to test your your guts, overcome your fear! You are in old building that is so scary & mysterious, the lights automatic on off at a time. Scram & spooky sounds hear in mid night. Something is here that is wrong. A boy is kidnap by this endless nightmare 3D your duty use identity, open doors, find lots of items and clues in creepy building. All clues will help to find out the truth of the all mysteries. Since number of years on one won from the horror scream because he know tricks to kidnap the people.

In this scary night your mission is find kidnap boy and save from endless night mare killer. Be caution he hear every sound and killed the people. Be aware from him. Find out keys of rooms to solve the puzzle sharp way. Remember people have leave their houses from the fear of ghost. They think endless night mare horror scream is expert in kidnapping and know tricks to overcome people. Now Best time to escape the people form horror haunted masked man. But it's not easy.... Image if your loved tapped in horror House and kidnapped by Masked killer. How you escape them from Psychopath Escape? Now time to experience ghost scar. Release these loved souls and save the alive kids in evil in Endless Nightmare 3D: Horror Scream. Just explore the nightmare House and escaped boy from Masked killer Horror game.

Alert! You're here to save people from the horror house who are kidnap from many years. You have escaped from him all the people safely. The mission of is to cheat the people and grab them in their building. Let's try to solve the puzzle and escape the people. Sure you have played many horror haunted game but this creepy terror is one best game with horror house. If you want to solve the puzzle first play in Ghost mode and experience the horror sounds. Wait is over download this horror asylum game in your devices. But don't forget rate us.

Endless Nightmare House 3D : Horror Friday Escape Features:

-3D camera with Soft Game Play
-Enjoy multiple difficulty modes
-Old Horror House with new character
-Mysterious Building for horror lovers.
-Search for clues and solve difficult puzzles
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