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Island Is Home 2 Survival Simulator Game

v1.2 (2020-01-24)
Description of Island Is Home 2 Survival Simulator Game

After a shipwreck, your boat was washed to the shore of a tropical island. You are in the deep ocean, around only water. You have to survive in this harsh place. The path to escape from the island will not be easy. New adventures in the tropics are just beginning!

The first thing you have to get the necessary resources to survive. Collect sticks, cut trees to get wood. This is a very important resource. There are a lot of palm trees on the island - collect enough wood to create a primeval cannon. Create a pickaxe or an axe to extract resources faster.

Look around and choose a place to sleep. Make a fire so that no wild animals attack you at night. Take the torch in your hand and be careful in the dark island! Beware of wild animals!

You can mine ore. Take a pickaxe in your hands and go in search of stones, coal, iron and other ores. This will help craft new tools and items. Climb the mountains, explore the plains in search of resources.

Get your pet! The game has several types of pets. Upgrade the level of your player and new pets will become available to you. They will protect you from dangerous animals and will always be there.

The game has a simple craft system. The recipe menu displays the available recipes for food, tools, tools, and building blocks. You can create your home on an island using blocks of walls, a roof, platforms made of stone or wood.

Watch for player status indicators. It is necessary to take food in time so as not to die of hunger. Gather, hunt wild animals to get food. You can farm and grow vegetables and fruits. Build a garden, plant seeds and wait for the harvest to mature. So you will get an unlimited supply of food.

Complete missions! Perform a variety of tasks to get new items for survival.

Get daily bonuses. Every day on the island gives you the opportunity to get bonuses. A variety of sets will help to hold out on the island even longer.

Explore the big open world in our new survival simulator game. Try to get off the island. Now everything depends on you.
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