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Western Cowboy Gun Shooting Fighter Open World

v1.0.6 (2020-03-20)
Description of Western Cowboy Gun Shooting Fighter Open World

Become a cowboy in the western area to win the mafia war!

The great western old world shows the picture of a battlefield. Mafia gangs and gangsters started the mafia war in the west world. They are invading the great western with their red dead plans and send their team in the dishonoured western side. The cowboy is needed in this western area because he can exhibit his shooting skills as a mafia first hunter and gunfighter to defeat the mafia gangs in this action adventure game. Play as a cowboy who can ride horse as well. There is huge responsibility on you to rescue the westland as higher authorities have assigned you this duty to participate in this war. You might have played FPS shooting and commando mission games but this new shooting game will give you something else that you really want to play.

Explore various modern weapons in this frontier mission

Start this cowboy adventure on your wild horse to explore the world of gunfighters. There are lot of missions and challenges of bounty hunting. Become a mafia first hunter to demolish the wrath of killers and gangsters in this great western world. These kind of cowboy games demand lot of skills just like gunfighter, real horse rider, commando and travel from town to town. Explore various elite weapons in these cowboy missions. You are highly trained cowboy of the Great western world to explore the towns of wild wild west to defeat the gangsters in one go. Go in the town with your racing horse and leave your wrath as a great cowboy in the history of great western in these kind of western games.

Play thrilling adventures as a cowboy and gunfighter

Rescue the great western from the wrath of enemy gangs and terrorists. Win the unique fighting missions as a frontier to be the killer of the evil entities. Western Cowboy Gun Shooting Fighter Open World provides you thrilling battlefield of great western challenges. The life of cowboy is not easy as they have to compete with the modern fighters that are equipped with guns and weapons to defeat you in this mafia war, but you have to be alert and calm in these kinds of cowboy games. These things will measure your patience and passion for bounty hunting adventures being a cowboy of the great western world. Stunning 3D graphics and audio effects will boost your stamina to win the mafia war. The adventures are lined up in sequence and in the form of checkpoints, on each checkpoint you are assigned to a mission, you can enter buildings, jungles, houses to rescue the innocent lives from the crazy terrorists. Earn the rewards on mission completion, find the hidden places to play next missions follow the map carefully, ride your horse, win the wild horse race. You as a cowboy can buy some clothes from store such as hat, pants, jackets etc. You can buy the Shotguns, Knives and other weapons to win. The horse will be your virtual partner if you want to reach at some point in minimum time. The west world want peace, you can bring their peace back with your cowboy shooting skills and efforts.

Western Cowboy Gun Shooting Fighter Open World offers the great western platform that is battlefield this time. And as a cowboy or a commando you can rescue everything from the assassins!

Key features

Explore the great western world
Rescue the west world from gangsters
Multiple missions to play with modern weapons
Play as a horse rider and cowboy of the western world
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