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Wild Griffin Family Flying Eagle Simulator

v2.0 (2020-07-24)
Description of Wild Griffin Family Flying Eagle Simulator

Fly on Sky and Live the life of Half Eagle & half Lion!

Wild Griffin Family Flying Eagle Simulator is one of the new generation 3D simulation game in which you will experience the adventurous life of a Flying Griffin in Fantasy land. This game is not just for the kids who love the Fantasy Animals but also for the teenagers as this is the Family simulation of the Griffin. You will need to feed, protect and defend your family in Griffin flying eagle bird simulator.

This game helps you understand the life of an angry Griffin, living in the family of fantasy animal from another dimension. Animal’s simulation games are trending nowadays as they are the new generation games with 3D Environment and a lot of features that a normal game does not have. Find your prey and ready for hunting in the dark forest.

Key Features:

• Become wild flying griffin eagle bird and survive
• Family Simulator with Realistic Scenarios
• Select the color for your eagle bird you want
• Gorgeous views from epic mountains in Open world

You play the game you will need to eat, drink and live your life as a Fantasy animal flying eagle Griffin. You will be enjoying your life in the jungle alone. After some time you will feel the need of a Mate a female Griffin with whom you can start a family and can start your own Griffin clan. Enjoy this amazing game with your kids and let them know more about the Griffin life living in the jungle.

Wild Griffin family eagle simulator is best to bird simulation game for all flying eagle family lovers and wild bird beast mixture game fans. You will need to feed your family and survive by hunting animals in the jungle. You will also need to find water in the jungle. Feed your kids as they are small and can’t feed them self. Experience the family Simulation of a Flying Griffin Family Simulators.
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