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High Archer Archery Game

v1.5.2 (2020-07-22)
Description of High Archer Archery Game

High Archer is the 2D funny arcade game which simulate the world of bow and arrow. Especially, this game was designed with non "pay to win", which mean you can earn coin in game and buy full items in game without cost any cash.

Become an archer master with great shooting skill in game, defeating all enemies such as evil hunter, Roman archer, hell goblin, wizard and monster by many kind of arrows such as fire arrow, dream arrow, one hit arrow, poison arrow, multiple arrow. You can also use many supported item such as alcohol, energy shield, health.

3 modes to play:
- Single Player: fight with many enemies from dumb to intelligent.
- Two Player: 2 players mode, fight with your family members or friends.
- Training: Learn and practice how to become the pro archer with static or dynamic target.

Some special features:
- Very fun game play, funny animation and sound.
- 3 kind of background: Spring with green grass and tree, Winter with blue ground, Summer with hot color desert and pyramid.
- Fresh graphic and great SFX.
- Statistics board to show your achievement.
- Shop with lots of item to use (bow, arrow, alcohol, shield, magic, skill,...)
- Trajectory of arrow can be set on/off.
- Sign in and view leaderboard.

Have fun playing High Archer!
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