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Piano Score

v1.27 (2020-12-07)
Description of Piano Score

It is time to lift your piano practice to the next level and make it fun again! Piano Score takes your piano as an input controller and provides you with real time feedback while you practice.
To make sure that you can play any song you like, Piano Score creates all scores itself and dynamically. The app uses musicxml-files, which are standard when it comes to sharing musical scores. This makes it possible to play songs directly downloaded from the internet, own creations/transcriptions, anything!
Use the apps play-along mode to practice it in your own tempo and if you feel ready enough, switch the song into a musical highscore-level.
Or use the random note generator to practice sight-reading in different keys, clefs, tempos and difficulties.

You need a MIDI-capable piano to use this app!

Game Features:
-dynamic score generation
-MIDI support
-song library with lots of songs to get started
-upload your own scores/ songs from the internet
-listen to all songs
-practice separate hands independently
-change the songs tempo for more efficient practice
-beat the songs as gripping highscore challenges
-random note generator to practice sight-reading
-change score size to fit your personal needs
-100% add free

DISCLAIMER: This is a free demo version. To get access to more songs and gain the ability to upload songs yourself, purchase the full version.
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