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Chocolate Bar Candy Factory Cooking Dessert Snack

v1.0.2 (2020-07-23)
Description of Chocolate Bar Candy Factory Cooking Dessert Snack

Little foodie boys & girls who love dessert maker factory games and want to make & eat dark chocolate in the supermarket shop. Do you love playing cooking & making food, school lunch and dessert food games? Then you will love chocolate bar candy factory! Make some of your favorite chocolate bars & fruit candy from scratch! Chop up the ingredients, throw it into the pan & mix your delicious melted chocolate! Pour the chocolate into the mold and start pouring the nuts, caramel, & other ingredients over your bars, wafers & jelly bar creations! Choose from a wide range of chocolate bars including delicious, Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Wafer Bars, Nutty Caramel Bars and more in cooking chocolate candy games for girls! Mix the ingredients, and let them chill and unwrap your delicious creation! Chocolate Bar Candy Factory includes a ton of creamy toppings, candy bars, and other delicious sugary treats for endless hours of dessert cooking fun!

Chocolate Bar Candy Factory is a choco sweet dish maker game for bakery taste lovers. If you love to cook and prepare candy bars, gummy candies & ice cream desserts then you will love this game. Prepare tasty dark chocolate for kitchen cafe shop & dessert restaurant store. From cocoa farming till the final preparation of chocolate cream bars in the idle factory, learn each & every step required to cook & bake chocolate candies for your mall store. Be the best sweet dish maker of the cuisine show & make marvelous dark chocolate syrup in Chocolate Bar Candy Factory.

Chocolate Bar Candy Factory is a great cooking game that will help you learning how the factory machinery and equipment works and how choco candies are made in the factory using raw cocoa beans, which makes you a chocolate empire tycoon. Gather cocoa nuts in the store bucket from the cocoa farm. Crack the nuts, take out beans and dry them under sun light heat. Pack the dried beans in bags and load on truck for factory processing. Roast the cocoa beans and crush them to extract cocoa powder. Mix the ingredients to make the molten chocolate bubble gum. Fill the batter in jars, molds and freeze it for baking & cooking sim game. Take out the chocolate candies in the mold & color them with the coloring machine. Pack the chocolate candy in boxes and load on truck for selling to super store, hyper markets & busiest shopping malls of urban city.

Download Chocolate Bar Candy Factory today & be the top chef and master cooking star of the city.
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