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Desert Birds Sniper Shooter - Bird Hunting 2019

v4.0 (2020-08-13)
Description of Desert Birds Sniper Shooter - Bird Hunting 2019

Let's go for hunting in the safari desert with the modern gun for shooting the flying birds. Have you ever done wing shooting in the desert? Let's start! Take your Sniper and Hunt the flying bird. Desert Birds Sniper Shooter - Bird Hunting 2019 game is just for you to hunt the bird. The game is one of the best bird target hunts filled with a 3D Gun on Google Play Store.

Enjoy real hunts experience as a HUNTER. Play the shooting game of 2019 in the safari desert, which is full of eagles, sparrow, crow, an owl. Hurry up, Huntsman! You have to shoot them with different huntings skills, be a Real Hero of Wings Hunter (Shooter) Game. Show your Sniper Huntsman skills in front of crazy and tricky birds. Your mission is to survive yourself as well as shoot them within the given time. You are a frontline safari hunter, just show your professional hunt tactics & skills to survive. You have to complete several challenging missions so shoot an eagle, sparrow, owl, crow.

It's really awesome huntings quest to hunt in a fantastic environment, you have to aim your target with eagle eye so that makes you a skilled wild wings hunter. Desert Birds Sniper Shooter - Bird Hunting 2019 is all about thrill, fun adventure. Birds are very smart so to be a professional Birds Hunter you must have good aiming skills while holding your breath. You have to do commando action for wing hunting with the evil eye. Some are sharp to get away from your vision so, you have to take extra care while you are hunting them within the given time to unlock the next mission.

Shoot Flying Birds quickly to unlock the next mission of the free game. Your success will also let you unlock new Bird for shootings. Enjoy the thrilling adventure with animals like flying bird. You have to survive by shoot most dangerous birds. You have modern weapons to perform in a frontline sniper target shooting. Flying wings hunting gives you a chance to be a modern wing shooting hunter. Never give up at any level as every level is thrilling also a little bit hard from the first level. Every Mission is full of thrilling action, adventure and shoots excitement for wing hunting Lovers.

- HD Graphics
- Multiple Challenging Missions to become a Real Sniper
- Friendly Graphical User Interface and Smooth Game Play
- Birds Hunting is FPS (First Person Shooter) Game
- Best Bird with Real Animations
- Best Accuracy of Sniper Gun
- Full of Thrill & Action in Game-Play
- Easy to Locate Bird with the Help of Radar.

- Aiming the bird by zooming lenses.
- Tap Fire when the bird is the exact center position of your aim.

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