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Futuristic Robot Transforming Gorilla Attack City

v1.0.4 (2020-07-25)
Description of Futuristic Robot Transforming Gorilla Attack City

Become an angry gorilla robot in this animal transform robot fighting game and beat down enemy robots with Futuristic Robot Transforming Gorilla Attack City 3D game.

US police transform a wild animal an angry gorilla into robot with super suit to give him super speed like a speedster and strength like flying robot transforming into multiple minibots. Control the bigfoot wild gorilla robot who can transform into robot hero and fight for city. Jump attack and tore the evil robots into small pieces with gorilla robot transforming into a fighting machine. Alien robots invading and attacking down our cities with giant robots. Get angry gorilla attack and city rampage on same time fun. Transforming animal robot into giant wild ape who can dismantle any iron robot into pieces. Control the robokong filled with rage and anger, super strength and animal instincts to battle human made giant robots . Multiple robots transforming and attacking our metal ape but he can take some punches before he began the city rampage mode. Gloria transform into robo and can make chaos and mass destruction in the small town to big city.

The wild animal battle where robot gorilla fight with the futuristic evil robot. Play the best gorilla robot fighting game with futuristic alien robot transforming. The giant robot transformation game is becoming one of the best robot games in the world from flying robot games & US police transform robot game. Enjoy robot fighting games having crazy gorilla simulator which will fight with kaiju monster in robot vs dino. Play gorilla robo game with enemy robots lots of destruction and animal rampage all at one place. Play as a super robotic ape out on rampage whatever comes in way a huge skyscraper or some evil robots.

Craziest gorilla robot transforming attacking city
Newst animal rampage series game with flying robots
Smooth transformation from wild gorilla to man made robots
Rag dol physics with building demolish and destruction game-play
Like wrecking ball use mighty iron gorilla robot to destroy buildings
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