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Infinite Wave

v1.1 (24/7/2020)
SnD Company
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Description of Infinite Wave

- 20 stages + infinite wave mode.
- Every stage consists of 10 enemy waves.
- All 200 waves.
- 20 Player levels (Only at the 20 Lev., Infinite wave mode opened)

Three types of weapons are available.
1. Traditional bullet (Automatic but you can handle manually)
2. Missile (Strong and splash damage but rare item)
3. Closed-in weapon system (Automatic and slightly stupid, You cannot handle this weapon)
- All weapons can be stronger and faster when player level is increased.
- "New Begin" followed by 200 wave clear, you can access "Gun strength level".
- "Gun strength level" also improves your weapon system.

Player Health Recover
- Player level increased.
- Stage changed.
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