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Strongest Arm

v2.0.5 (2020-08-10)
Description of Strongest Arm

* Strongest Arm

* Meta description: The app Strongest Arm is a funny tap and toss game offering awesome dynamics.

Have you ever tested your muscle power to toss a man upwards? It’s tricky and risky too. But with the app Strongest Arm you can take the risk as many times you love! It is a simple tap and toss game but it is the throw up algorithm is extremely entertaining.
It is extremely easy to play this energy game! But don’t go on its simple game play! It is easy to understand but mastering the throwing game is quite challenging! The taste of challenge just makes the game play super addictive.

* How to play the throwing game?

You have to play the role of the toss master and you have to tap the screen to toss the man in your arms upwards in the air. You have to tap again before your tossing buddy fails on the ground so that you can toss the man again in the air up in the sky. More distance the buddy toss in the air will cross, you will collect more points in your account.

It is indeed funny a game play and its amusing too but gaining the game control needs certain mastery on your tapping skill and power of reflex. Download the tapping game now and try the virtual bicep exercise by plating an intelligent throw up game.

Install the funny throwing game free and explore more fun and excitement by playing the other gaming themes in stories. ...Download now!

App’s Features:
• User friendly interface
• Smart graphics.
• Off line app you can play without the support of internet.
• The best score will be saved on your hand-held device.
• There is the provision to check your tapping skill, and toss the man statistics: check the
• You can share the app in your social media accounts and let people know about the Strongest
Arm challenge.
• The tossing power app offers the facility of in-app purchase.
• Play the due theme at stories and enjoy more dynamics at your fingertips.
Download the app Strongest Arm and enjoy the tapping dynamics. You will surely enjoy the role of a
virtual toss master. The challenge of toss the man in the air is perfect for kids and adults both.
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