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MYIDOL (#Dress up #BoyGroup #k-star #k-pop)

v2.0.13 (2020-10-02)
Description of MYIDOL (#Dress up #BoyGroup #k-star #k-pop)

* Solution if the game does not run after installation.
1. Update Google Play.
2. My idol app> Storage> Delete saved data and restart

* Some low-end phones may not run.

* Request storage permissions for save screenshot feature.

Dress up your own idol with detail and edge!!
Solo singer and group singer right now!

■ Various items are available!
Eye / eyebrow / hair / top / bottom, etc.
Decorate your own idol! Sharing and pride is essential!

■ Now the group is popular!
Create your own idol group!
Your screen is full of idols!

■ If you have any costume items, please request anytime!
It's always open!
Previous versions

v2.0.13 2020-10-02 Download APK (74.89 MB)

v2.0.12 2020-09-09 Download APK (74.89 MB)

v2.0.10 2020-08-26 Download APK (74.89 MB)

v2.0.8 2020-08-12 Download APK (74.89 MB)

v2.0.7 2020-08-11 Download APK (74.89 MB)