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Escape Dino FPS Shooting Survival Game

v1.2 (2020-08-08)
Description of Escape Dino FPS Shooting Survival Game

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Welcome to the dinosaur zoo build on an island hidden in the mountain across black sea. You was on duty to patrol inside wild dinosaur cage when you found a dead TRex, the giant reptile are angry and various Raptors, Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus attacking on human vehicles. Can you escape wild dinosaur running behind your 4x4 automobile inside zoo cage.

Grab the heavy machine gun run for you life. Play the challenging gunner shooting game, shoot Jurassic era dinosaurs including Allosaurus, Velociraptors, Tyrannosaur and more. In this epic jungle escape game. No man can hold wild dinosaur in zoo cages, they are not some ordinary wild cats. Are you skilled gunner to take down giant reptiles running behind your car. Take down these giant monsters of Jurassic time period in escape dino: FPS shooting survival game. Shoot angry dinosaur running behind your off-road SUV. Don't get killed by the angry dinosaur horde attacking humans in the zoo. Use your craft for military gunner commando in this challenging dino survival 3D game. Escape the angry dinosaur running to eat you and your friend inside 4x4 SUV car.

Challenging game play
Jurassic era forest and park
Smooth gunner controls for shooting
Thrilling and action packed game play
Escape wild dinosaur while shooting with Gatling gun
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