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Impossible Jumpy Ball Bounce and Switch

v18.2 (1/8/2020)
Description of Impossible Jumpy Ball Bounce and Switch

Impossible Jumpy Ball is a challenging game where you have to avoid spikes, swords, axes and lasers. The ball is constantly moving and the axes and swords will swing at you. Bounce the ball to avoid spikes and land on safe platforms. The bouncy ball has to jump to avoid lasers missiles and moving obstacles. Do not let the ball bounce on any of the spikes. The red ball allows you to make a triple jump.

The difficulty continues to increase, making jumping over obstacles more difficult thus it one of the hardest games. Can you enjoy the impossible journey, make the impossible jump and beat the impossible game?
- Cool graphics
- Classic simple controls
- Extremely challenging, addictive and hard
- Suitable for all ages
- Free!
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