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Old Maid - Free Card Game

v1.4.4 (2021-01-27)
Description of Old Maid - Free Card Game

Familiar with classic games such as Solitaire Victory!
From "PRO.APP" series which is totally downloaded 12.5 million,
here comes "Old Maid" which popular as a classic game.

What card is coming the next?
It's addicted to thrill.

- Popular between women and men.
- Win, you get a good feelings. Lose, you'll challenge the next game.
- Game is endless. Can't stop enjoying.
- Rule is very simple! Recommend to waste your time!

Believe in yourself!

* You can enjoy 3 variant version beside Old Maid.

[A] Old Maid (unmatchable : Queen)
[2] Old Maid - Random (unmatchable : Random One)
[3] Old Maid - Random&Joker (unmatchable : Random One&JOKER)
[4] Old Maid - Joker (unmatchable : JOKER)

* Feels good operation! You can play smoothly.

- Operation is very simple! When you get a card, to only tap the card!
- Before be taken your card, you can shuffle and change the placement.

* Wow! Opponent is like a human?

- You can see opponent's finger!
- Opponent is unique 15 people.
- Moving the card to bargain with opponent.
- Lost or the choice of card.

* Enjoy long time with many helpful options.

- Depending on your feelings, you can change card and background.
- Share your friends by SNS, when you win!
- Get the diamond to collect daily stamp.
- Aim to No.1 at world ranking!
- Check your past game record!

* Enjoy Old Maid in your relax time!

* Inquiry
- If you have any questions or report bug, please contact us by email from information page. We will answer individually.
- And, we will make an effort of our product, so please give us your feedback on product usage.

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Old Maid
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