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Cowboy Standoff Duel - PvP Arcade Shooter

v1.07 (19/7/2020)
Description of Cowboy Standoff Duel - PvP Arcade Shooter

Desert at the sunset. You can feel the tension in the air. Two cowboys, face to face. Only one can survive. Challenge your opponent in an intense standoff duel. Test your skills and reflexes. Dodge the bullets. Outwit your opponent and celebrate the victory!

Cowboy Standoff Duel is a tactical action shooter with unique cowboy gun fights. The game includes survival mode and online PvP multiplayer. The Wild West awaits you!

★ Simple, addictive and innovative gameplay
★ Endless game mode with intense battles
★ Offline 2 player mode - play with friends
★ Online PvP - play against the world
★ Real time online multiplayer duels
★ Online leaderboards - become the #1
★ Customize your cowboy with hundreds of items
★ Pixel art and music for real western feeling
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