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Royal Battle Ground Crime Grand City Robbery

v1.0 (2018-07-19)
Description of Royal Battle Ground Crime Grand City Robbery

Play as the crime city gangster godfather to enjoy the royale battleground thug life. Experience the best thief life that you have never played before. You are in the royal battle field now to become the real grand gangster. Become the ultimate survival in the grand city battleground. The royal game is ready for you!!
Make a swift escape in the ultimate fortnight battle ground. Start for the Survivor in the battlegrounds of the grandcity. You will experience different theft crime city like the jungle where you will find the gangster crime hostages. So save those hostages from the mafia crime gang. Attack them through the weapons. Meet the secret agent in the city of crime to upgrade your lethal weapons and get ready for the royal battle game.
Complete the missions in the real gang survival battlegrounds with other team members and become the godfather of the fortnight royal game. Grab the weapons for the combat attack in this grand city. The mafia gangster possesses some deadly weapons like pistols, AK47 and ammo. Be the real mafia crime downtown mafia gangster in the city of sin. Go for the stealthy action mode to move around the battle ground for the survival mission.
Destroy the heavy vehicles, do some city crime in a downtown grand city of theft. Standout in the unreal engine of the royal game. You have all the right to spread the terror around the fortnight battle. Get into any car by hitting the car driver to reach to the target point in this crime royal battleground. Be careful and alert for any attack.
Like some shooting guns, driving fast vehicles, doing insane rampage missions, getting involved in some gangster downtown mafi
Make some chaos game moves on the streets of LA and fight different gangs in order to get hold of the hood and be the superior one out of the other gangs. Take advantage of the great weapon spawns in some sneaky crime city places which helps you in fighting the police and doing mafia gang missions. Many different fast and modern cars on the roads that can be stolen and totally assures your escape from the police. You are now in the fortnight battle to standout.

Roll up your sleeves and start the journey of the gangster in the fortnight battle. You are in the world of real gangster mafia crime where you are going to start the wild expansion and overwhelming rich trip of the battlegrounds. Enjoy everything in the royal battlegrounds and live a life of a criminal in the real downtown mafia. The crime simulator mafia game brings you to the street of the downtown where you are the mafia gangster.Not only cars but you can also fly some fancy planes and jet fighters.

There are many unlockable weapons and other things which can be unlocked by gaining points. These points are earned by completing all the tasks assigned by the survivor, with perfection. You can get into some furious fist fight whenever you are run out of bullets in your weapons or have no weapons. A big map that includes some of the unexplored areas and some of the area are totally locked which are opened by doing some big mafia heist missions
-Four different environments in the royal game
-Different mafia criminal characters to choose
-Map directions to reach to the target point
-Buy guns from the store. Unlock them also through in-app
-Multiple missions to accomplish

-Tap to start the battleground crime simulator game
-Choose a character from multiple gangster characters
-Select a downtown mafia mission
-Follow the map directions to reach to the target
-Save the hostages from the fortnight survival mission
-Grab the weapons from other citizens
-Get into any car you wish to reach to meet the secret agent
-Fight with other gangster with weapons and check your health bar
-Unlock other mafia characters buy completing the missions
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