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Ludo Parchis: classic Parcheesi board game - Free

v2.0.38 (2020-08-29)
Description of Ludo Parchis: classic Parcheesi board game - Free

Think you have what it takes to be crowned the King of Ludo in your family? 🤴⭐ Challenge your friends and relatives to a parcheesi board game and find out! 🤩
Join the club! ⭐

🎲 Just like Trouble, Aggravation and the classic, Sorry board game!🎲
Parcheesi, Ludo or Parchís is the tabletop game inspired by the classic board games from India called Pachisi. Following its debut in the West in 1896, the retro classic has since led a movement of similar multiplayer hits such as Trouble, Aggravation and Sorry! As simple as a dice roll, Ludo Family board game is a favorite among family road trip games while staying home!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 1 to 4-player multiplayer 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Join the club and battle it out on the parchisi table for free with offline multiplayer and up to 4 players. Nobody available for a multiplayer match? Choose from 1-3 computer opponents to challenge and conquer.

📜 Retro Parcheesi Rules 📜
Just like Aggravation, Trouble and Sorry!, Ludo Family starts each turn with a dice roll. 🎲 Roll a 6 and you may move any piece onto the starting field of the gameboard. Take turns rolling the dice and moving each piece around the tabletop. Beware, if your opponent moves to the same space as you, you’re in trouble! The first to get all pieces around the gameboard and line them up 4 in a row is crowned parchisi king!

Want to learn more about the rules and how to play Parcheesi classic? You will find the full, offline rulebook on how to become the winning star in the main menu.

🚗 Road Trip Games 🚗
Multiplayer Parcheesi is perfect for family road trips or a long car ride. Each move and dice roll is free and simple:
- Trouble from lost pieces is a thing of the past.
- Play Parchisi free of aggravation from accidentally hitting pieces off the tabletop (or not accidentally 🤩).
- There's no cleaning up when your done!
- Play offline!

Don’t be sorry! Whether you’re craving Pachis, "Sorry!" or Aggravation, play a round of parcheesi board games for free! Download this childhood favorite now and brighten up your next road trip, long car drive or party with friends. You can even master parchis alone! It’s your choice!

Can't wait to be king? Get the tabletop party started! (No tabletop necessary)
Join the Ludo family club now! 🤴⭐
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