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v1.1.53 (2020-08-11)
Description of Bukvi

Learn Macedonian alphabet, be creative, have fun!

Game for those who (DIS)LIKE educational games!
Bukvi is much more than free phonics and alphabet teaching app.
It's a story, challenge, fun, creativity, puzzle... everything what the child is.

Write letters to unlock games inside the game: cute pets, talking robot, teddy gardener...

App is designed for kids on age 3-7 years, with intention to ease the processes of learning the letters of Macedonian alphabet. Including reading, writing and pronouncing.

But it's fun for all kids, from 3-103.

Warning to parents!
Kid will:
- be encouraged with hundreds of positive suggestions
- learn correct speech
- write
- read
- solve puzzles
- develop creativity
- laugh

App has builtin:
- Multysensory integration (ideal for kids with atypical development)
- Motorics development
- Consciousness for needs of the living beings around us (water, food, sleep, love, joy)

Warm greetings from

Woom Woom team

Game is developed by a father and son.
A gift to the kids in Macedonia and around the globe.
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