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The Broker Stocks Market Game

v1.4.3 (23/7/2020)
Croma Produccions Multimedia SL
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Description of The Broker Stocks Market Game

The Broker is a stocks market based game, inspired in a classic board game very popular in the 60s.

Up to six players compete to finish the game earning as much money as possible by buying and selling stocks of four different companies.

* Local game: play against four different players with Artificial Intelligence
* Each machine invests with different techniques, some of them love the risk, some of them like to be careful and share investment among many stocks
* One player implements a complex Neural Network, improving with time
* Multi-language: English, Spanish and Catalan

This project was created as a result of a Final Thesis at the end of a Engineering Masters Degree.
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v1.4.3 23/7/2020 Download APK (8.66 MB)