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Learning Professions and Occupations for Toddlers

v0.0.99 (2020-08-12)
Description of Learning Professions and Occupations for Toddlers

“Learning Professions” is one of our new games for kids in which children get acquainted with the world of occupations. Playing baby learning games, in an entertaining way your kid will learn what an occupation game is, what kinds of occupations exist and what tools, items and devices professionals of different occupations use.
Why choose the “Learning Professions” games for little kids among other kids learning games?
- Beautiful, animated, charismatic heroes of the games for baby 2 years old will give your child a clear picture not only of how the representatives of different professions should look, but also what personal qualities they should possess;
- Your baby will get to know such jobs as car mechanic, teacher, tailor, fireman, cook, policeman, hairdresser, doctor, builder and artist. After little boys and girls learn the types of professions, the next step can be playing such working games as teacher games, car mechanic games, sewing games, tailor games, fireman games, cook games, cooking games, kitchen games, police games, policeman games, police station, hairdressing games, hairdo games, hairdresser games for free, construction games, building games, hospital games;
- Playing this baby games for 3 year old your child will see that there are special tools and a uniform in each profession, so your kid will learn them, too. For example, a fireman wears a helmet and uses a fireman’s ax, a fire extinguisher, a hose. It will additionally extend your child’s vocabulary;
- Beside the main game line where a child learns the names of occupations and professional items, there are three additional tasks aimed to fix the received knowledge. In one task a kid is asked to choose the correct working space for the representative of one of the learned professions. In the second one - to find a professional who took the wrong work tool. In the third one - to pass a work item to the representative of an occupation it is intended for;
- The characters of our occupation games are not just animated - they are endowed with the ability to express agreement and disagreement by facial expressions, gestures and sounds, so lifelike. It will definitely bring much joy to your baby!
- Your baby can learn the names of professions and work attributes in 16 languages: English, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Arab and others. Multilingual learning is very useful for those children who plan to learn foreign languages in the kindergarten or at school.
- “Learning Professions” is good as games for little girls and games for little boys as there are occupations suitable for both girls and boys. For example, little girls will certainly like such professions like hairdresser, cook, teacher, and little boys will appreciate fireman, builder, policeman.
- There is a parent dashboard in our fun educational games for babies where it is possible to enable / disable sound and vibration.
The “Learning Professions” game is one of our best games for kids and was specially designed as a kind of learning games for toddlers age 2, age 3, age 4, age 5. The game treated as learning games free for a 2 year old contributes to overall development of a baby, while fun learning games for four year olds develop kid’s memory, imagination and other aspects of mental activity. Actually, our game can be regarded as infant games for babies to play as well - your toddler will enjoy the bright colors and animated interactive characters.
Such fun educational learning games for preschoolers free develop a child’s mental outlook as a little boy or a little girl begins to understand better what their parents and other adults do at work. Educational games for kids like “Learning Professions” help prepare children for a kindergarten where they can play together these jobs games. Job games are extremely popular among other kids learning games because they are useful and might influence career choice in the future.
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