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Kids Coloring Book : Cute Animals Coloring Pages

v1.0.1.4 (2020-08-03)
Description of Kids Coloring Book : Cute Animals Coloring Pages

Kids Coloring Book : Cute Animals Coloring Pages is coloring book for kids, toddlers, and preschool and kindergarten kids. It coloring pages and coloring games help in learning animal names, colors, and lots more. Kids coloring book is loved by kids and can be used to enforce learning tools for kids. With our kids coloring pages kids will learn and have fun at the same time. This coloring book contains 100+ beautiful coloring pages for kids and will keep your kid engaged for hours while kid is learning at the same time.

kids Coloring Book is the beautiful kids paint app designed for kids with super easy-to-use coloring pages. coloring game for kids is fun learning for kids as it contains verity of coloring pages of different animals like alligator, alpaca, ant, antelope, bear, beaver, bee, black bird, buffalo, bunny, butterfly, camel, cat, caterpillar, chameleon, cheetah, cow, crab, crow, dear, dog, dolphin, donkey, dragonfly, duck, eagle, elephant, emu, ferret, fish, flamingo, fossa, fox, frog, giraffe, goat, goose, gorilla, grasshopper, hamster, hare, hen, hippo, hummingbird, iguana, jackal, jaguar, jellyfish, kangaroo, kingfisher, kiwi, koala, ladybug, lion, lizard, llama, lobster, macaw, manatee, meerkat, monkey, mosquito, mouse, nightingale, octopus, ostrich, otter, owl, panda, panther, parrot, peacock, penguin, pig, pigeon, quail, quokka, raccoon, rhino, scorpion, seahorse, seal, shark, sheep, snail, snake, sparrow, spider, squirrel, tiger, tortoise, toucan, turkey, turtle, vulture, walrus, warthog, weasel, wolf, yak, zebra and many more other coloring pages.
** Categories
1. Farm Animals coloring pages
2. Wild Animals coloring pages
3. Sea Animals coloring pages
4. Birds coloring pages
5. Insect scoloring pages

** Key Features
Bucket full a region to fill color page region with one tap
Draw with a pencil and eraser
Undo redo to help kids undo or redo previous action
Save coloring pages can we used to save a completed colored page
Clear coloring area to strat from scratch
Animals name voice over to help kid recognize animals name
Color name voice over when kid choose a color helps kid learn colors
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