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v1.0.3 (25/7/2020)
Description of TIC TAC TOE

▼ How to play
Place ○ and X alternately, and if you have three, you win

▼ Game mode
・Play alone
Play against the CPU.
You can select the first move or the second move,
You can select the difficulty level of Easy, Normal, or Difficult.

・Play with two
 You can play against close friends and friends.

▼ How to play alone
TIC TAC TOE will always be a draw if you try your best, but
Everywhere there is a weakness in the CPU of TIC TAC TOE.
Please find your weaknesses and try to win!

▼Recommended at times like this
・Slight breaks and waiting times
・I want to do my best
・I'm looking for a game to play with my friend or her
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